Your Poems or Lyrics

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A thread for the poems or Lyrics you have written for/to/about Jesus and is church.

keep the comments loving.

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A MESSAGEA message you


A message you impart to me
touches my heart but cannot see
the wind blowing in the air
a small voice is barely there
how can it be?
no, not me, not me.
How can it be, not me.

A message, a message I hear again
Listen, listen - "on you I depend"
Is it a dream or really I hear
"I need you, my dear, my dear"
I need you, my dear, see here.

Into the night, I prayed with my might
What message is this that causes a fright?
"Speak out My own gospel" He said to me -
do not be frighten, I hung on the tree
Slashes they place on my legs and my back
Sins all forgiven for nothing had lacked

All this and more my people should know
Go out with my blessings to and fro
and into the lands where all those who live
without the love I'm here to give
My message is clear it is not something new
Salvation is here for you for you
Salvation is here for you.


Yours in Christ,

Yours in Christ,
Maria 玛丽亚
CCEL Hostess