Your Poems or Lyrics

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A thread for the poems or Lyrics you have written for/to/about Jesus and is church.

keep the comments loving.

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The way of rightousness I had not known, my feet ran swift to evil. I comprehended not my iniquity; I built for myself a path of destruction. The Lord be praised, He is merciful. The Lord is patient; He looks upon me with love and suffers not my folly. He holds the mirror to my face that I may see my fault, my sin. The Lord would have to judge me in rightousness and I would have been found guilty, but He loves me still in that He sent His Son to be my propititation. I am not worthy of this gift and His nail scared hands remind me how great the sacrifice that I may be washed clean in His blood. He took my place. bore my sin. I could not have believed except that God placed in me the faith to confess and to repent, to call upon the name of Jesus. Straight is the way, narrow is the gate; few there be that go in thereat. The Lord is the lamp, His Son the light; that shines upon the path of salvation