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A thread for the poems or Lyrics you have written for/to/about Jesus and is church.

keep the comments loving.

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The darkness of soulHello,

The darkness of soul

Hello, hello does no one hear?
Explain why does my soul so fear?
Explain where did the light you shine go.
Why this darkness? That is all that flows.

I feel so crushed, my eyes are red
This longing is not just inside my head.
Your spirit I seek, why won't you speak?
My hands are trembling, my legs are weak.

What is it I've done, O Lord, so wrong?
Oh these many hours just seem so long.
I'm not deserving of you I feel
My sins so great, does not seem real.

Hours pass then a thought appears
that dries the eyes and wipes the tears.
Jesus has died for love of you
Fool! O soul what's wrong with you?

His name repeated brings me the light
He hides for us to seek His might
To fight the devil and the darkness around
that in His light makes me feel like a clown.

Never again will I doubt you, O Lord
This child of grace no one will hoard
For you are my sheild, my fortress strong
In you I will live all eternity long.

- M.Smith
Yours in Christ,

Yours in Christ,
Maria 玛丽亚
CCEL Hostess