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A thread for the poems or Lyrics you have written for/to/about Jesus and is church.

keep the comments loving.

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God Is...


One word thunders across eternity –
As the name of Almighty God is declared by His Son.
What is the name of the un-nameable God?
To His child, it’s simply “Father”.

He gives “time” to calm the chaos of finite minds
That cannot begin to grasp the meaning of infinity –
That all things are “happening” this very instant –
From the creation of the world to its end.

This instant Adam is created, and we are all Adam.
This instant the second Adam is incarnated and dies and rises
And we are there and incarnate with Him and die with Him and rise
Because the bitter root of sin is destroyed.

This instant is all eternity and lasts for all eons
For there is no speck of time on the face of eternity.
He has spread history over the centuries of our minds
And has given the illusion of yesterday and tomorrow to our blindness.

Time is an invention of man’s weakness, for God is all and in all.
We are ever present in Him and of Him, and He is all there is.
What a marvel that man cannot see this and thinks himself real,
Living in real time and in a real world.

We are witnesses of eternity by His love
Who came to earth and lived this illusion as we do,
And overcame the attachments to the deceptions
So that only in His love do we have life, and that for all eternity, for…

God is…

Marlyn Hills