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A thread for the poems or Lyrics you have written for/to/about Jesus and is church.

keep the comments loving.

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The Dream - Allegory of Waking Up to True Life


‘Neath the darkened crust of nothingness
A lonely, fragile heart beats in despair.
Broken and bitter, it yearns for solace and finds none.

Out of the crushing darkness of night comes a whisper:
“Child, why do you weep and are inconsolable?”
“My life is over and never was,” she answers.

“It is but a dream,” says the whisperer.
“You sleep and see what is not and think it is,
But soon the dream will end and you will see what truly is!”

In the first gentle sighs of morning,
The eyes, still full and heavy with drugged sleep,
Partially open and close again to the brilliance of the light.

Is she waking from the awful dream?
Or is it a dream within the dream?
Perhaps the dream is all there is.

No! A sudden quickening of the senses
And the last residue of the dream world falls away!
It is so clear now in the vivid light of day!

Disorientation is replaced by calm acceptance,
As she realizes she has awakened just where she fell asleep –
And is home where she belongs.

What joy to be alive and loved!
For there beside her is the one who loves her best!
And her heart is full to bursting with passion for him!

The nightmare is over and the sadness gone,
With even the memory of it fading along with the darkness,
As she is absorbed into the pureness of newborn day.

Marlyn Hills