Your Poems or Lyrics

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A thread for the poems or Lyrics you have written for/to/about Jesus and is church.

keep the comments loving.

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My Savior’s love

(My poetry is nothing to brag about but I'll share it anyway...)

My Savior’s love

I’ve created and felt sorrow
I’ve inflicted and felt pain
I’ve chased worldly pleasures
But there was nothing there to gain

In the darkness of my corrupted soul
I felt that all was lost
I knew that I was guilty
It plagued all my thoughts

I’ve traveled down some crooked paths
And brought sorrow upon myself
But He never turned his back on me
Instead He saved me from His wrath

Jesus looked on me with love
And gently called my name
After I had so offended him –
My sin He did erase.

When I was broken and alone
I thought no-one cared for me
The one I’d turned my back on
Had not forgotten me.

He will never leave me nor forsake me
He’s always by my side
When this world gives me trials
My Saviors love within me abides