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Ephesians 2:13 says this:

"But now in Christ Jesus, you who once were so far away, through (by, in) the blood of Christ have been BROUGHT NEAR."

What are the implications for this as believers right "now" as the passage states, to live in nearness to Him Who so loved us and gave Himself for us? If He really does live 'in' us, which doesn't get any 'nearer' than that, how can we live 'in' Him who lives 'in' us? I think it would be a good thing to prayerfully reflect on some passages which I don't think we have understood very well, let alone actually attempted to practice, as obviously the early church did. They knew an indwelling Lord! He was the central focus of their lives together, in community, and I think we are going to see that in these passages in new and unexpected ways.

Some of the passages that speak of this immense privilege of entering into the joy of the Lord in the land of the living are Hebrews 10:19-25; 2 Corinthians 3:16-18,4:6-7; and I Peter 3:15.

Our precious Heavenly Father. Oh how we love You and thank you for placing us in Christ, in whom are all heavenly things, and then placing Christ in us. We pray that Father, you will open first our ears to hear just how glorious is this gospel of Jesus Christ to us and in us. And then in our hearing Father, may you then open our eyes to see this utter blessedness in which You have granted to us in placing Christ in us as our indwelling Lord, Savior, Teacher, Friend and soon-coming King! The world is famishing not because they haven't heard our doctrine, but because they haven't seen our Lord in us, together, as Your community expressing Him in Spirit and in Truth. Oh Father, when Christ is truly living in us, we become living epistles. If the world can't 'read' Christ in us, we perish as Your church! Oh our great and glorious God, let us know Him, who lives so near! The glory of God was in this place and we knew it not. Plant in us ears to hear and eyes to see. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

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Christ in you, the Hope of Glory

S: To whom God would make known what [is] the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: Col 1:27l

O: The hope of glory is Christ in us. Christ was the representation of the Father upon this earth in fleshly form. He represented the Father while He abode upon this earth. He represented the fullness of God's nature. Everything that makes up the Father was in the Son. God did not give Himself to the Son partially, but fully and completely that He might reveal the Father to those who lived upon this earth. The Father desired for His creation to know Him so He sent His Son to reveal Himself to them. Jesus told His disciples," When you see see the Father." The fullness of God, His glory, His nature, His character...was all revealed in the person of Christ. We know who the Father is by looking at the Son. He is the exact representation of the Father.

In this portion of scripture taken from Paul's writings to the Colossians in verse 26 he says...this is the mystery of the gospel that has been hidden for ages and generations... but now is made manifest to His saints which is ..."Christ in You...the hope of Glory." Christ,the full representation of the Father, is the Son of Glory. His Son, continues His life through another earthly vehicle in this world...His Church...and is the Hope of Glory to all. The Son no longer abides in His individual earthly vessel, but has taken his place at the right hand of the Father where He rules from His heavenly position. But before He left He created another representation in which His Glory would abide. And He sent His Spirit of Glory to abide within that representation.

In the same way that Christ walked in a fleshly body while He walked upon earth is the same way that those called "His Church" walk upon this earth. They are the earthly representation of a heavenly kingdom, a heavenly government, a heavenly nature and character...God Himself. They live in this earth as His Representative of a heavenly way. They recognize that the glory that abides with them comes from is not of this earth or of this world. God has chosen vessels of this earth to hide His Glory in... but the thing of value within them is not of this is from above. God looks at what He has placed within them and it is so grand and glorious that it overshadows the earthly vessel and He calls it His Church....for it is Christ in them.

God has always had some type of representation in this earth of His thoughts and purpose. He created the earth that He might be present among His creation. His thought was always to have Himself, His Life, His Nature, His Character shared and lived through the lives of others. His Son, Jesus Christ, was His complete thought and fullness of Himself. Everything He is He was able to put into His Son. And by each of us individually and corporately receiving His Son into ourselves, we are allowing God to find expression in this earth. We are no doubt an inferior vessel to that of His Son, as the vessel of His Son was sinless and perfect. But God does not look out of Himself for perfection...for perfection and sinlessness can only be found in Him. But His Grace is sufficient for His Church. His Grace covers the failure of our flesh....our spirits are perfect as they are of Him. And as we continue our life in Him, He will continue to perfect those things concerning us.

P: Father, we pray for those who love you with all of their hearts and thank you that you watch over us with great care as a loving father. We are growing and learning the heavenly ways. We are turning our hearts from the earthly and worldly. We are becoming stronger and stronger each day as you continue to work within us. We realize the trials and pressures that come our way are to prove you are faithful. We must know through experiences that you are faithful. You are teaching us through our daily walk how to live and behave as a heavenly being. We are not relying on something of ourselves but trusting in the Life that you have placed within us and in which we have been placed. We are growing more dependent each day upon His Life within and becoming less dependent upon ourselves. We are learning, Father, that each day is an opportunity for You to show yourself strong. You delight in us and we delight in you. Thank you, Father, for a life that is hidden from others. Thank you for Christ, who lives within and is our hope of glory. Thank you that our Head is Christ and He governs His Body.