Error in translation of a particular passage in Jerome's writings?

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When writing about Tertullian, a phrase in

is translated as

was the son of a proconsul or Centurion

whereas Gerald Bray's book on Tertullian discusses the phrase as 'centurio proconsularis' - dismissing Jerome's claim that Tertullian is the son of a military officer on the grounds that no such rank exists - see also the results of googling for 'centurio proconsularis'.

1) Is there an online version of Jerome that we check

2) Should the CCEL translation be altered to reflect this?

Interestingly the google search seems to throw up a reference to a book on google books that refers to this status in the context of Egyptian tombs


but using google book's own search fails to find it - part of the material not in the preview? On the other hand the search facility offered by the publisher

fails to find it either...