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I have kept several journals over the years. One of my journals is just filled with scripture. Some of my other journals are filled with significant quotes from other authors I was reading. So, I'm sitting on these journals and thinking it might be a good thing to enter some of these prayers, scriptures, and quotes for your edification and considerations. I think you'll enjoy these. And if you would also like to contribute such quotes yourself, by all means, join in.

"LORD, take my lips and speak through them; take my mind and think through it; take my heart and set it on fire!" W.H.H. Aitken

Your brother in Christ,


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11/23/09 A DIARY OF PRIVATE PRAYER by John Baillie

There is a devotional classic entitled "A Diary of Private Prayer" by John Baillie that I read today that I felt so aptly fit with Beth's contribution. Here's the entry for today's reading:

HOLY FATHER, from whom alone all good proceeds, let the Christian graces of faith, hope and charity be every day more firmly established with me.

O God, I believe—
That You rule all things in wisdom and in righteousness:
That You have called me to be Your loyal servant:
That You rightfully demand of me complete subservience to Your will:
That in Jesus Christ You have shown me a way of salvation whereby I may be delivered from my sins:
That if I truly repent, You are willing to pardon and save me.

O God, I hope—
For the continuance of Your daily mercies:
For the lessening of sins hold upon my will:
For my growth in grace and in true holiness from day to day:
For a more perfect holiness, when earthly days are done:
For a day when I shall know even as I am also known:

O God, I love You—
Who Yourself art love:
Who in love did create me and in love does still preserve me:
Who did so love me as to send Your Son to suffer and to die that I might live with You:
Who has commanded me to show my love to You by loving my neighbor for Your sake.

Father, help my unbelief. O God, give me greater patience in my hope, and make me more constant in my love.

In loving let me believe and in believing let me love; and in loving and in believing let me hope for a more perfect love and a more unwavering faith, through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.