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What happens to our spirits/souls after out last incarnation?

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What is the determining factor? I'd assume it's after the Universe feels our spirits are evolved enough, and has learned all the lessons to learn.

What happend later? Do we get to create our own Universe else where? Do we become spirit guides?

I guess the possibilities are endless...

Care to share??

Love & Light!

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Please don't be disconcerted or intimidated. I would love to share my faith with you. Perhaps we can learn from each other.

In the past, I have found Buddhists to be very caring people.

However, I also find that they believe not what they can prove but what they can imagine.

On the contrary, I believe I can share with you a faith borne of evidence. A faith which we can trace through the centuries to Jesus Christ, who presented Himself to His Community as reported by three eyewitnesses who wrote their findings in the Gospels. And a fourth report, St. Luke's, which documents the eyewitness accounts of other contemporaries.

That, in itself, is unheard of in the annals of religion in the world.

But, to support those reports, we have appended to those four eyewitness accounts, the record of the acts of His followers and of the growth of His Corporation. His Corpus, the Church. Which established Traditions in response to His Teachings and has lived according to those Traditions for 20 Centuries.

And through the history of this Church, we have the teaching of the Councils, Early Church Fathers, and the Saints to this very day. These teachings account for the living response of the Church through the Centuries to this very day.

So, I hope you come back,


De Maria