Nehemiah Chapter 7, The Appointments by Nehemiah, The Genealogy Total, and The Donations

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In this Chapter 7 of Nehemiah we will find Hananiah(Hanani), Nehemiah's brother put in charge of Jerusalem. Nehemiah assembles The People and discovers a genealogical record. We will find it was a record of Genealogical from the Dedication of The Altar in Ezra 2:1-70, Which reflects the initial return from Babylon by The Jews. And lastly a short reading of The Torah Scrolls in the last verse 72b.

This Genealogy is from The Book of Ezra and The Altar Dedication from Ezra 3:1 and indicates The Torah of Moses is to be the reading. This section of Torah was discovered during The Reign of Josiah, King of Judah, from The Book, II Kings 22-23.

Verse 1-4 The Appointments
Verse 5-72a The Genealogical Register From Ezra is read by Nehemiah
Verse 72b A short reading from Torah, II Kings 23:1-3(Ezra 3:1)

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