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I would like to address something that has taken a Great Nation a few days to really understand and to start to grieve for. I'm speaking of a Tragedy in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

We have experienced a Tragedy in my Country, The USA, that is not uncommon in our World today.

I know that Tragedy happens all over this World. No place is safe and secure from Tragedy no matter what we may do as A Nation. Tragedy will continue on until Messiah Comes.

Remembering what has happened and why is probably a better way to state what I am personally feeling inside my body and my soul.

As I look back and try to understand. I see there is nothing that could be done of ourselves individually that can change this Tragedy except our Personal Prayers unto our G-d.

The Word of G-d points out, that our Prayers are what Brings Change. Our Prayers first bring Spiritual Change in the way we think and do things. It all starts within our hearts!

This is a personal event with G-d!

He Hears our Prayers!

So let us all Pray for a Changed Heart!

Let us Cry Out unto our G-d for His Provision!

He has Promised our daily needs will be supplied!

Our job is to draw closer to Him in Daily Prayers!

Then let us Pray for Others in their Needs as well!

It is also The Hour of our Nation's Great Spiritual Need and The National Need is Physical and Spiritual Healing through this Tragedy!

We are Under G-d's Hand of Protection as A Nation!

Call upon The Almighty Name of G-d in this time of our need!

May this Tragedy and loss be instrumental in bringing G-d's Healing to our Land!

Pray that our sin and rebellion from Him will be remembered no more and The Joy of The L-rd will come back into our Nation and be our Spiritual Strength as The Prophet has said it IS.