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RE: Changing Words

Brother Jude(Potluck),

Yes, words do change over time. Good is now Bad, and Bad is now Good. Words have also tumbled The Church into deep sin as well!

When G-d spoke to Moses He revealed Himself using Words like; I AM that I AM. We must understand what we are reading by studying The Truth rather than hearsay.

The reason I have chosen to wright G-d in the way I do is to show Honor and give Respect to unto G-d, without pronouncing The Unpronounceable Name of YHVH or MarYah (Lord, Yah, in Aramaic). from Exodus 6:2-3, The New International Version,

V2 G-d also said to Moses, “I am The L-rd(YHVH).

V3 I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as G-d Almighty, but by My Name The L-rd I did not make myself known to them.

YHVH is The Source of all being.

The Semitic Understanding of G-d is: G-d is The Source and The Foundation of all possibility of utterance and thus is beyond all definite descriptions so this is why G-d is not pronounced in The Hebrew of Aramaic.

In teach The Minor Prophets, I try to use this information which come closest to The Well which The Word was first penned down on Scrolls, as it would be understood from a more Semitic point of view rather than form The New Testament with a Greek point of view.

So when search out the Hebrew understanding and find out things we never really understood with The Greek meanings that we go to first. When we take the same words and look up the Hebrew/Aramaic, which Yeshua(Jesus) would teach from we discover richer treasures of Semitic origin in the words that were penned down.

I'm not saying that The Greek is not good to read because that would not be true. It is just what is missed by reading the Greek is what clears up many questions.

I would say do some research on your own and see if it does not clear up old questions that is not covered in the Greek to English compared to The Hebrew/Aramaic to English.

Anyway this is not something for everyone to do. I do it because I also present Jesus as The Hebrew Yeshua to The Jews who will listen to what G-d is saying to them from The Word of G-d.

We find The Old Testament portion of The Hebrew Bible was protected and transcribed by Jewish Scribes for over several thousands years with out suffering very much error to be found because of the system of accounting for each word that was transcribed onto A New Scroll.

What we find in Scripture is that G-d's Name is never pronounced. So to Honor G-d, The Jews have chosen to use descriptive pictures of G-d Name or by leaving out the vowels all together which is a Hebrew development in language like just saying HaShem for G-d altogether. Other names like El Shaddai or others like Elohim, El, Eloah, Elah, Yah, Adonai or Hakadosh,

I hope I have answered your question.