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The Thanksgiving Season is Now Upon Us


Now that the starting day of this years Winter Holidays has now passed here in The U.S.A. with or National Holiday of Thanksgiving now complete, I thought this would be a good time to have everyone who is participating with commenting or just reading the different verses, would jot down something that they are thankful for.

I also want to encourage those who have never placed a comment here, to do so. It doesn't even have to be about you, but what you may be Thankful to G-d for.

The first day of The Jewish Celebration of Chanukah was today.

As Christians we do not see this Season of the year in The Old Testament. It happened almost at the same time as Yeshua(Jesus).

More than twenty-one centuries ago, The Holy Land was ruled by the Seleucids(Syrian/Greeks), who sought to forcefully Hellenize The People of Israel. A small band of faithful Jews defeated one of the mightiest armies on Earth.They drove The Syrian/Greeks from The Holy Land and reclaimed The Temple in Jerusalem. Then they rededicated The Temple for G-d's Service.

When The People sought to light The Temple's Menorah(candelabra), there was only one cruse of Olive Oil that had escaped contamination by The Greeks. What actually happened was, A Miracle took place. The one day supply of Olive Oil burned for eight days, until new Olive Oil could be prepared.

The Christmas Season is also in full swing with our preparation already being made on where we will Celebrate The Birth of Yeshua(Jesus) The Christ(Messiah).

One thing is for sure, We are very Thankful that Jesus, G-d's Provision of His Perfect Lamb, will receive Worship and be remembered by all who are now Blessed of G-d as The Redeemed of The L-rd. Holy is The L-rd and Worthy to be Praised.

I pray G-d's Hand will be upon each home who lifts up The High Praises of our L-rd and Redeemer of all The Earth during this month of Remembering what G-d has already provided for our Salvation.

Jesus is The Reason that all Christians remember The Birthday of The Soon Coming King of Kings.