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Re: Lee will be Traveling

Thank you Jacob for your kind words and Class for your patients.

It was good to be away for a short time.

Montana was so beautiful this trip. It rained several times and I needed to dry out my sleeping bag after each one in the morning.

There was so much to learn about The Far Northwest of Montana. I love to study The Geology of Montana and what the past can tell us today of those events in the past. All of my days were spent in discovery of each new thing that crossed my path as I walked the different hiking trails.

I spent time in research trying to put the places in perspective of those events which developed the mountains, lakes, rivers and valleys together in time that gives us this beautiful place called Montana. The Spanish word montaƱa, means mountain country, and the Western part of Montana is all of that.

The Marvels of G-d's Handy-work with water and ice, and how it formed our country into what we see today! Add to that G-d's Hand-work in Volcanism and Plat Tectonics and you have a small picture of Montana today.

We will be back into our Study of G-d's Word from The Book of Nehemiah shortly.

I thank G-d for this beauty that is reveled by His Creation that has given us as the examples of His Ability to show us His Love and Concern for each of us to to observe, up close and personal!