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A Very Good Point John

John and Class,

Thank you for your presentation of Truth.

This is a good report and to the point of what we as Christians today should recognize as what has happened to our Jewish Roots in our Christian Churches. It has happened over the 2000 years that have come and gone.

I'm looking at The Bigger Picture of The World and How The First Century of Evangelism changed the lives of so many. It is hard to even number the amount that came to realize what G-d had done through Yeshua, for His Creation, Woman/Man and for the Diaspora of Jews who were changed and made complete.

The Jewish part of our beginning is still there in Scripture and waiting for us to read and Understand what was The Truth that about The Church during the first Century.

What we are missing is the fact that Christianity actually was a Jewish Sect known as Nazarenes who were both Jewish and Gentile followers of The Apostles and with that said we must try to understand why so much of what we have to day is from Greek Theology and Roman Culture.

The Semitic part of Christianity is totally lost and Latin names have become as commonplace as is The Greek Text.

This is why I point out Yeshua to The Class instead of Jesus which is a title and not a personal Semitic name. Yeshua was Jesus spoken Name by G-d to Joseph in a dream. Jesus means Anointed of G-d or HaMashiach and Messiah in Hebrew. So it would be like calling The Savior of The World by his title alone and not including His Personal Name.

And again, Thank you John.