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Other Physical Factors...

Yars ago, when I was in high school band, we participated in at least one "mass band." Many--20 or 30 perhaps--high school bands would "mass" on a football field and attempt to play the same march at pretty much the exact same time. This is a nightmare for the director! But not impossible though it was done without any rehearsal.

What the organizers did was to situate the director high up on a platform on one end of the field. Then, each band's director stood where he could see the director on the platform. Each band, then, was directed by its own director (they watched only him) who, in turn, stayed with the master director! No band heard the total musical effect, only the stadium audience.

(Just a sidelight.)

In Ezra's case, those standing by him did not mimic the words he was reading. But there was, as Lee described it, organization so that the meaning of the Torah got to the people.

I also wondered about things like acoustics. In the past, outdoor meetings were equipped with structures behind the speaker to reflect his voice, like a band shell.

Any further comments?