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Noah Was a Preacher

Djacque and Class,

I didn't answer all of Djacque's post so I will try to now.

Yes anytime you see someone point in any direction and say Repent! or Hear The Word of The L-rd! there is A Preacher and he/she is preaching the Word of The Lord.

Many Old Negro Spiritual Songs were about just that type of individual, The Preacher. Singing poetic verse, which would point out the correct way we are to go as they kept up a very lively rhythm! It was a memory lesson as they would work in the fields they also would be remembering Biblical figures such as Prophets, Preachers and Leader of The Jewish People like Ezra who would remind them of their poverty and imprisonment in another mans world such a Egypt.

"Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Dry Bones... Now hear The Word of The L-rd" is one line that sticks in my mind from what I remember singing when I was taking voice in school many years ago. Our Music Director liked The Negro Spiritual songs so that was what we would practice and sing.

"Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Coming For, To Take, Me Home" was another.

" We Are, Climbing, Jacob's, Ladder, We Are, Climbing, Jacob's, Ladder, We are, Climbing, Jacob's, Ladder, then it would to Higher, Higher, Never, More, To Roam" as another Negro Spiritual I remember singing.

Of course they are not all about Preaching the Word but do have a way of presenting the Word of G-d in song and rhythm. Which is in essence what a Preacher does, present the Word of G-d in some form of communication that can be understood.

Even today this form of Negro Spiritual Singing of The Word is done in many Christian Churches here in The USA. The Pastor sings the sermon with rhythm and sometime with accompaniment of the whole congregation who end up Preaching and Singing The Word of G-d in song together and as the Old Negro Spiritual would also do as well to those who had their spiritual ears open to G-d's Holy Spirit's teaching through the Sermon in Song.

Southern Christian Country/City People love this type of participation in The Worship of G-d no matter what the placards name says over the entry way of The Building. Of course this is not the normal Denominational Building I'm speaking about here. It is all from their heart, and The Heart of G-d.

This is just like that Little Brown Church in The Vale, in Nashua, near my childhood home in East Waterloo, Iowa. It is just a small Church but with a home spun type of comfort that can only be found where people put them selfs at risk to talk to you over coffee or breakfast. I still have a out-of-dated calender hanging on my kitchen wall from Nashua's Little Brown Church in The Vale.

I love places like that which draw me back and cause me to remember how Good G-d really is toward us that do love Him. Even in my youth G-d was Faithful toward me and gave me direction as I Called on Him.

Memory fads as we get older so this moment is special for me as I am posting to you. This is all coming from my distant past and is flooding my soul with abundant emotion of rejoicing unto Yeshua/Jesus Who has Payed my ransom with His Love and set me free from an early age of all this worlds vices and troubles. I Praise G-d for His Tender Love for me in my youth. For His direction in all of life and the problems which have come up during my life. He is My Comforter! He is The One who is The Lifter up of My Soul! He has changed the direction of my life in The Books at an early age and has sustained me for the entire time of Service unto Him at 65 years of age.

What more could I have asked for when I was 9 years old and searching for direction. To find my sisters take home paper from Vacation Bible School and came to a radical understanding of what Jesus did for me with His Love. I had Summer School because I had failed that year in School and had missed VBS. So I was reading her take-home paper.

It was about The Blood of Jesus and what it did for me as it was spilled out for me during His Roman execution at the place of a skull, at the Goatha, just outside the Gates of Jerusalem. The locations name is from Jeremiah 31:39 a description of what Jerusalem will look like in the future by The Prophet as he pointed out this place by name from a time of 70 weeks before Ezra's time of returning which Daniel understood to be 70 years of captivity for Judah in Babylon before going back home to Judah.

Well this was really off subject. How did I get to her form Preaching and Noah? Well it in G-d's Hands that we walk and teach and what He puts before you to say is for a purpose unto Him. I'm not a judge to His Ways, but I do Love His Ways!

Thank you Class for reading this and don't be afraid to answer or ask the question. Thank you also Djacque for asking good questions which give me a large margin of latitude to answer this past years study in The Minor Prophets.