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Teaching And Preaching The Word of G-d

Djacque and Class,

There is quite some difference between The Teacher and The Preacher. I will also point out The Prophet because Ezra was that also. So here we Go...

The Preacher,

The Preacher usually has a audience each time he speaks. The Preacher, has a mission to proclaim. Preaching The Truth which G-d has outlined through His Holy Spirit is accomplish with The Sermon. This is an outline of tasks The Preacher will use to point out to those gathered what G-d is saying to them. There is A Holy Spirit Anointing which all men/women of G-d have to proclaim The Truth from The Word of G-d to The People.

Preaching is The Theme of his life work, which also is a means of teaching others to be Spiritual on Fire for G-d, and to Light Up The World with The Preaching of "The Good News" which Is Jesus's Teaching that G-d is Love.

1John 4:16,

... G-d is love. Whoever lives in love lives in G-d, and G-d in him... ...G-d is love. Those who live in G-d's love, live in G-d, and G-d lives in them...

It is essential for The Church to grow Spiritual in G-d's Grace today with The Preacher who is Spiritual Inspired by G-d and can Lead the Way, as a Shepard does when he tends his sheep and by The Holy Spirit's Anointing of Fire upon The Preacher.

The Prophet,

The Prophet has similar traits as The Preacher has, but his life is set apart for only one reason from G-d to be accomplished and usually involves something which is about to happen to those people he is speaking to. It is with The Anointing of G-d's Holy Spirit upon The Prophet and with G-d's Holy Fire Anointing, burning from within The Prophets Spirit brings proclaim forth of The Message from G-d.

G-d is always instrumental in The Prophet's life work by The Holy Spirit's Anointing of Fire, which sees that The Prophet's Job is completed. The Prophet must always be right, every time he/she speaks or his message is not from G-d and death by stoning is the required punishment!

The Teacher,

The Teacher is a Leader of People and usually has the same group of individuals(A Class of Students) to lead through a training process, which involves instruction for personal understanding. The Teacher also has A Holy Spirit Anointing and is Called out by G-d for Leadership

Not always is it A Class of Students, but it can be just one or two Students. With instruction, The Student is encouraged to think and reason clearly about what The Teacher has presented to them. It involves training the mind of The Student to be obedient to The Word of G-d, which G-d has given The Teacher to say.

The Teacher's uses a lesson which usually comes from The Word of G-d, but can be any number of related training concepts which stimulate The Student to always apply what he has learned to what is being said or read by The Student.

The Teacher points out common themes and ties them together, pointing out The Truth which is always recognized as coming from G-d and brings Spiritual Understanding to the heart and mind of The Student.