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It Seems Political


Good point! It would appear that they(The Nobles of Judah) were at the top in status with a term like "Aristocrat" being applied to them by Jewish Scholars and does have political overtones too.

So to me I see local political gain/influence as their motives. To receive influence from the Persian King was not going to be much, but from Sanballat, they already had the influence and were probably pushing for more.

Yes this is something that has been going on since the Deceiver of Men started his deception with Adam and Eve.

This is why we see Nehemiah searching out The Truth of the matter first before he made any decision one way or the other. He was appointed Judge of Judah by The Persian King and so was doing his job will. Which ultimately this will reflect back to The King of Persia in how he is doing his job too. Then it reflects influence to the many Satraps in the area of Beyond The River, with both a good or a bad report.