Nehemiah Chapter 6, This is a Return to The Theme of Chapter 4 and The Opposition

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Nehemiah's leadership of moral, righteous and G-d fearing is continued in this Chapter 6. He refused to use any income received from taxation of The People of Judah. He believed in retribution for the evil imposed upon The People of Judah by the Opposition. This chapter is about the opposition to Nehemiah by Sanballat, Geshem the Arab and Tobiah.

The Chapter starts out with Sanballat's invitation for a meeting in Kefirim on the plain of Ono. It ends up with Tobiah and his son married to a prominent Jewish family in Jerusalem. This family ends up providing a spy service against Nehemiah inside the City of David.

Verses 1-14, The Conspiracy against Nehemiah from The Plain of Ono.
Verses 15-19, The Walls are completed with Tobiah's taunting.

Nehemiah 6:13-14, by beemanlee

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