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Our sister patlove will be conducting this thread on "praying the psalms." I do have a recommendation for this thread that I think may greatly enhance this devotional practice and it is this: Look for Christ in the Psalms and turn the Psalms into prayer to and about HIM. Here is a quote by T.A. Sparks from "The Centrality and Supremacy of Jesus Christ" that I think you will find helpful:


Of course the Lord Jesus Himself has told us as much. We know from Luke 24 that that is so. There we find
Him taking Moses, the Psalms, and all the Prophets, and in them all speaking of the things concerning Himself.

So that in our reading of the Word of God, WHEREVER we happen to be reading, the question that should always be in our minds is "What has this to do with Christ?"… and if you bring that question to your reading of the Word of God, wherever you may read (and that is not said without thought) you will at once get a new understanding of the Word, you will have a new value in your reading; for the Scriptures, and ALL the Scriptures, are they which speak of Him; although you may have difficulty sometimes in tracing Him, yet He is there. The cumulative effect of all parts of the Word of God is to bring you to Christ. You must not read the Word of God as history, narrative, prophecy, or as anything else as a theme in itself, but always ask the question: "What has this to do with Christ?" and until you can find what it has to do with Christ you have not found the key. You will probably be thinking of certain portions of Scripture, which will be difficult. You will think of such books as the Book of Proverbs, and you will say: "What has this to do with Christ?" One little suggestion will at once illuminate that book for you. Wherever you read the word Wisdom, put Christ in the place of Wisdom and you have transformed the book and you have got its essence - and that is quite legitimate, quite proper, quite right, as your reading will prove to you. He is the Wisdom of God, the Eternal Logos. Well, just in passing we mention that because what we are after is to see the centrality and universality of the Lord Jesus, and He is by Divine appointment at the center of everything in this universe, every phase
and every aspect, and He is its explanation.

Our dearest Lord Jesus Christ. How we love You. How we long for You. How sweet are Your words to our taste. And You, the living word, are sweeter than honey in our mouth. Through Your precepts, through abiding in Your word, we get understanding, therefore, we hate every false way which leads us away from You and doesn't enthrone You as central and supreme in all things. You are a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. It is the entrance and unfolding of Your life in us that enlightens our life, for You, LORD Jesus Christ are the Light of Life. Psalms 119:103-4, 130

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great to be a part of this

hi all,
I'm new to this. Love the recent post. The HS ministered to me through it.