Nehemiah Chapter 5, Complaints and Problems of Judah

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This chapter is full of many different problems which happened during the time of construction if the Walls around Jerusalem. This time frame took 52 days to complete.

Three different problems arose. ONE:Many landless People were without food. TWO:Landlords were forced to mortgage their land because of the famine. THREE: Borrowing was necessary to pay property tax imposed by the Persistent.

Verses 1-5, debts, interests and bondage.
Verses 6-13, payments of interest abolished.
Verses 14-19, examples of Unselfishness.

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Well said John!


Thank you for identifying the correct understanding that Nehemiah is putting forward with the most important principal being that G-d's Way is far better and designed for The Good of mankind, rather than Satan's way of deception, confusion and corruption of the mind and soul of man.

I believe your point on Nehemiah is the correct one and I love you completeness in pointing out just how Nehemiah was A Shepherd and doing what G-d had directed him to do for The People of Judah, G-d's Sheep.

You put most of all that obedience to G-d is better than the deception of Satan and his end result of corruption of The Soul, which G-d Created to Worship Him from a heart of Love and in doing good to all men out of this same G-d given LOVE.