Nehemiah Chapter 5, Complaints and Problems of Judah

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This chapter is full of many different problems which happened during the time of construction if the Walls around Jerusalem. This time frame took 52 days to complete.

Three different problems arose. ONE:Many landless People were without food. TWO:Landlords were forced to mortgage their land because of the famine. THREE: Borrowing was necessary to pay property tax imposed by the Persistent.

Verses 1-5, debts, interests and bondage.
Verses 6-13, payments of interest abolished.
Verses 14-19, examples of Unselfishness.

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Nehemiah 5:19, G-d, Remember Me For The Good Things

We now have come to the end of Chapter 5, with this last verse 19. I is a small prayer said by Nehemiah to G-d asking only that he would be remembered for the good he has done for Judah.

Nehemiah wanted to be remembered for the good he had done for The People of Judah but somehow even that desire in his writings is taken in a negative way by those who look back on his life and judge him for saying just that desire to G-d in a prayer.

How funny it is when we see others with the same kind of aspirations as ours, and we poke fun at them for having that desire.

How fickle we are as people when others do what we would like to be doing ourselves. But for our own ineptness, we do not do what is right, but find fault with that other person who has, just to make us feel better living with ourself.

Our Human Psyche has some very bad defects when it comes to relating good as being seen as bad by ourselves.

This very verse 19, is seen in just that very same way by some Jewish Scholars.

Nehemiah was a man who feared G-d, loved his follow Jew as he does himself and yet some hold a judgment call on him for what he desires of G-d alone.

I love this Prophet Nehemiah, who was seeking after G-d, and who's desire was to do it G-d's way.

But we are all sinners in this world. We, who find doing things our way as the best way, and judge others who seek G-d's way with that same concept of measure we have chosen for ourselves. This is not G-d's Way and will find it leading to Spiritual Death rather with G-d's Way of Spiritual Life Eternal.

G-d says we will be held accountable for what we hold in our hearts against others as if it is a judgment against us. We must forgive all who have offended us and hold nothing for ourselves against that Day when G-d will look at us all from the Books He is Keeping.

Search out your life and do a tally up of those thing we hold against others if you haven't already done so this New Year. Go to those we hold the offense with and make amends with them. G-d requires a clean heart.

Psalm 51 is a clear window to where David's desire were. David was a G-d pleaser. If that is your desire, then we should look at others in the same way as David did. We must never sit in G-d's Judgment Seat!

Psalm 51:10, Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me... This was David's cry to G-d!

Lets read the last verse of Nehemiah 5,

V19 Remember me, my God, for good, [according to] all that I have done for this people...

May this prayer of Nehemiah's ring clear with you. Do good Love G-d, and walk in peace with your fellow man. This was also the desire of King David in Psalm 106:4,

V4 Remember me O LORD with the favour that thou bearest unto thy people O visit me with thy salvation, and in Paleo Hebrew, זכרני יהוה ברצון עמך פקדני בישועתך׃,

So we see that they, David and Nehemiah, were very similar in their desire and both seeking after G-d.