Nehemiah Chapter 5, Complaints and Problems of Judah

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This chapter is full of many different problems which happened during the time of construction if the Walls around Jerusalem. This time frame took 52 days to complete.

Three different problems arose. ONE:Many landless People were without food. TWO:Landlords were forced to mortgage their land because of the famine. THREE: Borrowing was necessary to pay property tax imposed by the Persistent.

Verses 1-5, debts, interests and bondage.
Verses 6-13, payments of interest abolished.
Verses 14-19, examples of Unselfishness.

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Nehemiah 5:3-4,Homes and Fields are Mortgaged to Buy Food

This next section of scripture covers those who had offered their fields and homes as security for a loan for their basic sustenance.

Jewish Scholars Malbim and Rashi both point out; The lender would then confiscate the property as security and collect their yearly produce or rent. As a result of this second group of people who had Mortgaged[past tense], we have already given our fields, vineyards, and homes as security were different from the first group who were Poor People with no property, fields or vineyards to offer the lender.

Lets read the next two verses of Nehemiah 5,

V3 There were also [some] who said, "We have mortgaged our lands and vineyards and houses, that we might buy grain because of the famine."
V4 There were also those who said, "We have borrowed money for the king's tax [on] our lands and vineyards.

This next verse makes a point about the Kings Tax. It was required of each one to pay. If you didn't have any money. Then you needed to cash in your property so as to pay the tax.