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This thread for chatting about topics not on the group threads.

Sorry Pat to see you go... by CLARK E. WADE
Deep Thoughts by ladyhoffman
Greetings to you Linda by CLARK E. WADE
My absence.. by CLARK E. WADE
My Absence by Anotida Ishe
Thank you so much Anotida by CLARK E. WADE
Hey everybody... by CLARK E. WADE
Thank you Jimmy by CLARK E. WADE
Side Chat by MitziKay
And thank you too Mitizi by CLARK E. WADE
Love and Joy by ladyhoffman
an update... by CLARK E. WADE
It is well, Clark by Jimnduruchi
Christmas in Kansas by MitziKay
so be it by trumpetofpurelight (not verified)
agreement by trumpetofpurelight (not verified)
an update by CLARK E. WADE
praying by JStaller (not verified)
We love you Clark! by Jimnduruchi
“Father, in the name of by trumpetofpurelight (not verified)
The crucible of Yahweh by trumpetofpurelight (not verified)
crucible by trumpetofpurelight (not verified)

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