Importance of prayer

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Getting a job is useful. it's important. It's necessary. It's good. Same with passing college classes. Another example (a little different): getting married is good, and we really want it. Companionship is really sought after, it's helpful, it's just a good thing.


I've been trying to compile a list of reasons why it's, say, useful, helpful, beneficial, important, necessary, needed, etc. to pray (amongst other things). I do youth and college ministry, and when we make to much of spiritual disciplines, people think we're being pharisees- and maybe we are, but I'm trying to stop, which is why I'm asking for advice here. Anyway...Here's some things I came up with.

- Trains you to think only about what's most important in life.
- Trains you to focus your love on God alone.
- Gets your mind of less important things
- Trains your mind to think nonsinfully/unsinful.
- Helps you formulate clear and concise thoughts of God and for God.
- Prayer should act as a filter- what are things you pray about most often with the most resolve in all seriousness without any breach of conscience: those are probably the most important things in life.

But even these answers probably seem to "churchy", to much like Sunday School answers, for youth and college kids. And I'm missing the relationship aspect- i don't really know how to say it apart from the whole marriage analogy. And of course, if you're of my persuasion and think prayer [U]really does[/U] change things, then you've got a REAL conundrum, because then you've got the whole "so many prayers [seem to] go unanswered".

What I want is for people to not just see prayer as a good thing, or as a necessary means- I want them to see it as actually important enough that they can't go a day without doing it, like eating. Or a moment without doing it, like breathing. College kids wouldn't miss a test, or an important job interview, or call off a date at the last minute with a "very important someone". It's even harder to make parallels for youth, because to them, so many things are just not important, not necessary.

To make a long story short, how can I show prayer to be (for lack of a better phrase) of infinite importance? Maybe some of you guys could help me word my thoughts better as well.

Living Prayer.... by Louis Frey

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