Nehemiah Chapter 4, Sanballat's Opposition And Those Who Conspired With Him

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Chapter 4, of Nehemiah starts off with Sanballat's Opposition to The Work on The Walls. He is joined by a group who together mock the Jews who are doing The Work of Restoring and Strengthening The Walls of Jerusalem.

Chapter 4, of Nehemiah is also numbered differently in The Jewish Bible than most of the Western Translations with 6 of the verses transposed into Chapter 3, and having 38 verses in The Jewish Bible's Translation of Nehemiah, compared to 32 verses in The NKJV Bible which I'm quoting from.

Verse 1-3, Covers The Enemies of The Jews are; Sanballat, Tobiah, The Arabs, The Amonites and The Ashdodites.

Verse 4-6, Nehemiah's prayer; Hear our G-d, do not cover up their sins.

Verse 7-8, The Enemies grew Extremely Angry with The Jews. Back in time to half Wall height.

Verse 9-11, Prayer and Guards/Sentries are established to watch The Enemies.

Verse 12-23, A Warning and a Defense is made.

Guards by Arnet Hales
Fearless Prayer by Arnet Hales

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