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We have some people coming to ccel, gathering information about us and then contacting us by email saying that they are pastors, etc.. and then asking/hinting that you should send them money. I do not know nor can I prove that they are or are not missionaries/pastors. I would strongly suggest that you do not send money or personal contact information (phone numbers/addresses) to anyone that contacts you in this way.

Donate, yes, to those organizations that have denominational/church recognition (IE., Baptist or Roman Catholic backing) or have a verifiable U.S. office.

If you feel that you can not deal with this then i suggest that you either Turn off your contact page [click on the "My Account" link on the upper right margin, then click on the "edit tab", select "account settings", uncheck the "contact settings" at the bottom], or setup an email address for CCEL use only.

I am sorry that this is happening.

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This especially holds true for India

Regretfully a lot of "Pastors" in India are not pastors at all and our whole church got hit by a guy who "got" one of our email lists. After doing some research on the net I found that the "pastor" that hit us could not be "recommended" by our brothers in India. I also learned that about 50% of orphanages in India don't exist. Please be careful of any and all online requests for money. It a sad world when people con you in the name of God and Charity.