Free will and grace

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This is a qusetion with immense personal relevance - which probably most of you have good answers to.
Does man have free-will to reject Christ and condemn himself to hell? Or does God plant the seed of faith by His grace in certain hearts - so as to 'channel' their free-will towards the acceptance of His word? If so, how does He determine whom He will or will not touch by His grace? And then how relevant is free-will anyway?
When I pray for family members and people in my life whose hearts are terribly hardened towards the gospel, I'm unable to do so with unwavering confidence because of this niggling doubt about the very nature of free-will by which man can destroy himself. And yet there's Proverbs 21:1 and many other such verses that show that God turns people's hearts whichever way He pleases.
Enlightenment please..

Grace and free-will... by Louis Frey
prayer by Noshic

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