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There is a fifty-two year old gentleman here in Alabama.

Devoted Christian. Prays, reads the Bible, and his life absolutely bears so much fruit from the Lord.

He always wears clean and pressed western-style shirts. Clean and pressed blue jeans held up with a big brass buckle-belt that reads: "Bluegrass." On his head - you will always find a clean beige cowboy hat. One of the nicest guys I have ever met.

If you are broke down in your car - and he passes by in his pick-up. He will stop to see if you need help. He always has enough tools to do anything that needs to get done in the back of his truck.

Now, when he joined his church - they knew how he dressed. An issue regarding his attire was never raised. Had it been - he simply would not have joined as he told me earlier this morning when we spoke.

The Pastor of his church told him this past Sunday that from now on - he has to wear a suit and tie to church - that his way of dressing is offensive to the Lord.

This gentlemen is so well dressed and clean - and I told him to phone his pastor and ask him if he thought Jesus or especially John the Baptist would wear a tie to his church?

The bible speaks of modest dress - and one could argue that one who wears a suit and tie to church is overdressed - yet they could aruge they do so to demonstrate their respect for the Lord and His body of Christ - and, naturally - that is a wonderful thing to do for those who feel moved to dress to church that way.

Personally, I think that a dress code for church beyond being clean and modest - is absurd. Further there is absolutely no scripture that requires one wear a suit and tie to church.

What are your thoughts on this?

God bless

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