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Who are the Staff, Moderators and Group Leaders

Please note that the following people in the forums are associated with CCEL:

Harry Plantinga (hplantin) - CCEL Director
Nyna Sykes - Business Director
Ken Verhulst (verhulst) - Group Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, and Digital Library Coordinator
Will Groendyk (wrg3) - Web Developer

Active Groups:
Christian Mysticism: A study on Practical Applications
Book of Acts Study Group (will close in 2016)
Book of Psalms Study Group
Augustine's City of God (will close in 2016)
Studying Matthew with the Church Fathers
Under the Sun: Ecclesiastes & the Expositor's Bible Commentary
Exegesis of Romans

hplantin's picture

CCEL Director

I'm Harry Plantinga, the director of the CCEL. I'm a computer science faculty member at Calvin College. I've been working on the CCEL since 1993 -- first at the University of Pittsburgh, then at Wheaton College, and now at Calvin.

I'm married, with three children -- the oldest one at Calvin now, and thriving!

Harry Plantinga
CCEL Director

Harry Plantinga
CCEL Director