Who are the Staff, Moderators and Group Leaders

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Please note that the following people in the forums are associated with CCEL:

Harry Plantinga (hplantin) - CCEL Director
Nyna Sykes - Business Director
Ken Verhulst (verhulst) - Group Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, and Digital Library Coordinator
Brian Vanderwal (bdv4) - Web Developer

Robert Loutzenhiser (Loutzenhiser)- robert.loutzenhiser@gmail.com {Unstated}
Justin Staller (jstaller) - justinstaller@yahoo.com {Non-Denominational}

CCEL Hostess and Prayer Leader
Maria Smith (Maria Smith) - myfile@bellsouth.net (Catholic)

Active Group Leaders:
Justin Staller (jstaller) - justinstaller@yahoo.com {Non-Denominational}
Dustin Lyon (dmlq48) - dusty_the_lyon@hotmail.com {Orthodox}
Dan Fugett (DanFugett) - danfugett@woh.rr.com {Protestant AOG}
Carl McColman (mccolman) - earthmystic@gmail.com {Non-Denominational}
Todd Godwin (toddgodwin) - toddgodwin@hotmail.com {Episcopalian}
Michael Legna ( michael_legna) - michael_legna@yahoo.com {Roman Catholic}
Mike Kirby (Mike Kirby) - mkirby3@cogeco.ca {Pentecostal}
Tony Germain (Tony Germain) - tonygermain@msn.com {Lutheran}

Special Projects:
Nathan Bierma (nbierma) - nbierm65@calvin.edu
Greg Scheer (Greg Scheer)

The other workers at CCEL work with the book side and do not usually concern themselves with the forums. There are, on occasion, interns from the college working on the site but they will be communicating with Harry, Brian, or Robert.

Another group leader

I did this once post but God knows where I posted it to.

I am 46 and live in Dayton, OH. Connie and I have been married 28 years this June and have two children: 26 and 24.

I work at CareSource Management Group (Managed health care company) as a Database Administrator. One other DBA and I provide DBA support for the other 500+ employees and 600,000+ members.

Jesus and I met when I was 13, in church, and lost without Him. Christ brought me the peace and warmth I needed since, as the oldest, I was often the one who had to make a run for help in the middle of the night when dad came home drunk and abusive. At this point in my life, just knowoing God was living in me meant everything to me. I didnt have the time or understanding to question why He didnt change things. I just knew He was a constant companion and friend closer than a brother could be.

Since my family left KY for OH, when I was 2 until about 35, I attended an Open Bible Standards Church in Springfield, OH. In the last 10 years, I have tried a couple churches and settled home in a Dayton Assemblies of God Church.


Love in Christ,


2 Timothy 3:16-17, "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. "