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Who are the Staff, Moderators and Group Leaders

Please note that the following people in the forums are associated with CCEL:

Harry Plantinga (hplantin) - CCEL Director
Nyna Sykes - Business Director
Ken Verhulst (verhulst) - Group Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, and Digital Library Coordinator
Will Groendyk (wrg3) - Web Developer

Active Groups:
Christian Mysticism: A study on Practical Applications
Book of Acts Study Group (will close in 2016)
Book of Psalms Study Group
Augustine's City of God (will close in 2016)
Studying Matthew with the Church Fathers
Under the Sun: Ecclesiastes & the Expositor's Bible Commentary
Exegesis of Romans

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My name is Robert Loutzenhiser. I am in my late 40's, married with 4 boys. I have a degree in Nuclear Enginering, and work for the Department of the Navy in Telecommunications and Data Systems at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. My walk with Christ began 25 years ago. I was raised Mormon, left the church to learn Necromancy and Estoriscm. I was lead to Christ by a dear brother after attending his Home Bible study on a whim (you who run home bible studies keep it up!). My wife, TJ, came out of neo-witchcraft to become a Christian by the leading of a street preacher. We have attended many different denominations from Orthodoxy to Calvinist to Charismatic thru Pentecostal and have been comfortable in all of them. Our ministry is to those caught up in christian cults.

The gentle soft word is heard over the shout.
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