The Seed of The Woman

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In scripture the bloodline of men is tracked. In younger days I took the emotional stance that women were cruelly ignored.

I then desired to know how it was that the Blood of Christ was incorruptible. The solution to this question may be pertinent to the question I ask.

Bloodline tracking and incorruptible blood:

A quote from Howell's Textbook of Physiology, Second Edition, 885 – 886.

"For the purpose of understanding its general functions it is sufficient to recall that the placenta consists essentially of vascular chorionic papillae from the fetus (the unborn child) bathed in the large blood spaces of the decidual membrane of the mother. The fetal and maternal blood does not come into actual contact. They are separated from each other by the walls of the fetal blood vessels and the epithelial layers of the chorionic villae."

Also a quote from William’s Practice of Obstetrics, Third Edition, 133.
"The fetal blood in the vessels of the chorionic villae at no time gains access to the maternal blood in the intervillous spaces, being separated from one another by the double layer of chorionic epithelium."

Ibid. 136.
"Normally there is no communication between the fetal blood and the maternal blood."

Bloodline is tracked through the male because only the blood of the father fills the circulatory system of the fetus.

The blood of Christ was materialized by the Holy Ghost, and therefore incorruptible.Furthermore, the procedure facilitated the Virgin Birth, there being no mortal father.

A consideration of the propositional logic of bloodline tracking:

Converse Proposition: “Since it is axiomatically true that only the father’s blood transmits genealogically, then no woman transmits a bloodline”. This is the logical converse. In logic, the converse is only true in one of four cases. IMHO this coverse seems to be false.

[Example: Proposition - “All horses have tails” ItsConverse - “If I go out and find some tail, I have a horse”. True in only one case (horse case); you really might have a snake (snake case):-))))) ]

I am pursuing the actual construct of a woman’s seed that The Father plainly cited in Genesis, “The Seed of the Woman”. I have always been instructed by default, that the “Seed” was obviously Christ, and so it is, but also God never plays with His words. He cited something about a woman’s seed and there exists an answer that is real and important. If He said it we REALLY need to be concerned about it. “Seek and ye shall find”.

I am a Mathematician, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that none of God’s work are in contradiction to anything mathematical. Moreover,we always observe His works and strain to glimpse the pattern. The places to which mathematics will let us visit are few. The infinite remainder is the substance of His beautiful and marvelous creations.

The "woman’s seed" is, was, and will always have to be right in front of our noses. Can you save me some footwork????

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