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his booklet was only 12

his booklet was only 12 pages.
I know our Father led me to it. I have been gradually cooling in my love for Him. He loves me too much to let me go on down this road, so He gave me this glimpse of where I am headed. It is an ugly picture.
I've seen it clearly in many others. It is painful to realize others have surely been seeing it in me, but it is more painful to realize I have drifted away from my "first love' : the deep and fervent love I have had for Him before, but don't have now. He deserves so much better love!
No, I don't have all the symptoms of a backslider, but even one is an insult to our Savior's love and sacrifice. I have a lot more than one of the indicators. I'm grateful for this reminder to "go back to the height from which you have fallen, and do the deeds you did at first."
Since our Father brings great good even from great evil, I am trusting He will do that now.
When you think of me, think of this need, as I know I will never be immune and must remember these words of warning as long as I live in this world...
I'm feeling better already :), knowing He has heard my admissions and is restoring my soul! Tomorrow is a new day. The past cannot be undone, but it can be redeemed. He can restore years which the locusts have eaten. For all of us...
May He encourage you, too.