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How that the matter of this book is never more read or spoken, nor heard
read or spoken, of a soul disposed thereto without feeling of a very
accordance to the effect of the same work: and of rehearsing of the same
charge that is written in the prologue.

This chapter sounds to me like a final chapter. So I'll address my remarks relevant to a final chapter here, too. Our author invites us to re-read this book two or three times, saying that we may find that some passage that seemed difficult the first time may then seem easy. I suggest the same thing. I'll post the last chapter later this week, and next week we'll be starting the two new books as announced, but the new books will be posted the same way we would have posted further chapters to this one, my point being you can still review the comments to The Cloud if you're so inclined. The Cloud of Unknowing is definitely a book that requires more than one reading. It can be thought of as a companion to the exercise it advocates, a reference to refer to as we experience issues our author addresses.

Our author also states in this chapter that whether or not after reading this book you feel disposed to practice this exercise may be an indication of whether this exercise is right for you, and if not you can with good conscience seek another spiritual exercise. But to as many of you who did feel "a true affinity for the effect of this exercise," as the Paulist press translator renders it, I say with our author that we should thank God. This book is a great guide for our spiritual journey.

As I said, this chapter and my comments may sound like a last chapter, but there's one more I'll post later this week. The new books, starting next week, will be Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi by Ugolino, and Scale (or Ladder) of Perfection by Walter Hilton

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