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How that after the likeness of Moses, of Bezaleel, and of Aaron meddling
them about the Ark of the Testament, we profit on three manners in this
grace of contemplation, for this grace is figured in that Ark.

After in the previous chapter warning us not to think the experience of this exercise is the same for everyone, our author now gives us three biblical figures as allegorical examples of three different ways that we may "make progress in this grace of contemplation," as the Paulist edition renders a phrase from the second paragraph of this chapter.

I think we can understand him to mean that at different times, each of us might progress in each of these three ways, and not necessarily in different phases of our careers. I mean, we may be not even consciously seeking to pierce this cloud, and sense God's presence, and another time, maybe even the same day, be "aiding grace" with our own efforts, or benifitting from the efforts of others, reading inspirational literature, for example, we may make such progress.

We're merely sitting and waiting on the Lord, merely resting in His presence. Yet, over time, there is "progress in this grace of contemplation." The ark is a beautiful figure for this grace.

Chapter 73 comments by dohpeterchina
Bezaleel and Aaron by dohpeterchina

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