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"That a worker in this work should not deem nor think of another worker as he feeleth in himself."

The Paulist Press edition renders this chapter heading, "He who habitually practices this exercise must not take it for granted that other contemplatives have his precise expderience." Maybe there is an example of not experiencing the same spiritual event the same way in the different Gospel accounts of experiences of the women arriving at the empty tomb. In Mathew, one angel rolled away the rock and sat on it. In Mark, they saw one man sitting on the right side when they entered the tomb. In Luke, two men stood by them while they were in the tomb. I think cultural differences, which lead to different expectations, account for the differences between the experiences of early and oriental Chrstians and those of modern Western Christians. Even when the culture is the same, as is the case our author doubtless is referring to, our mental makeup and the relative strength of our faith and fervor are factors in this. I think the most important point in this chapter is, we shouldn't compare our experiences with others, especially not in a judgemental manner.

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