Ezra Chapter 10,The Discovery of Zerubbabel Mistake and the Judgement by Ezra

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In this last chapter of Ezra we will see the hidden secret redressed
1-5...The confession to G-d and each other
6-14..An Assembly is called and reformation is agreed upon
15-17.Commissioners are appointed
18-44.The names of the guilty are given

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There is Some Difference Here


There seams to be a difference in how 1 Esdras 9:18, in The King James doesn't mention Jeshua Son of Jozadak as not having a foreign wife, but only lists his brothers,

V19 Of the sons of Jesus(Jeshua) the son of Josedec, and his brethren; Matthelas and Eleazar, and Joribus and Joadanus.

While in The New King James, Ezra 10:18 Jeshua is placed with his four brothers in just a little different way,

V18 And among the sons of the priests who had taken pagan wives [the following] were found of the sons of Jeshua the son of Jozadak, and his brothers: Maaseiah, Eliezer, Jarib, and Gedaliah.

Some people who do the cross study of translations point this difference out and say the earlier translation of The King James is in error. Apparently The Hebrew to Greek may shead some light on the issue I was reading about. but haven't quite concluded if there really is a difference.

Here is English from The Hebrew Translated and pronounced:

And among the sons; bane, ben, of the priests; ko-hane', kohen, there were found; maw-tsaw', matsa', that had taken; yaw-shab', yashab, strange; nok-ree', nokriy, wives; ish-shaw', 'ishshah, namely of the sons; bane, ben, of Jeshua; yay-shoo'-ah, Yeshuwa, the son; bane, ben, of Jozadak; yo-tsaw-dawk',Yowtsadaq, and his brethren; awkh, 'ach, Maaseiah; mah-as-ay-yaw', Ma`aseyah, and Eliezer; el-ee-eh'-zer',Eliy`ezer, and Jarib; yaw-rebe', Yariyb, and Gedaliah; ghed-al-yaw', Gdalyah.