Ezra Chapter 10,The Discovery of Zerubbabel Mistake and the Judgement by Ezra

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In this last chapter of Ezra we will see the hidden secret redressed
1-5...The confession to G-d and each other
6-14..An Assembly is called and reformation is agreed upon
15-17.Commissioners are appointed
18-44.The names of the guilty are given

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Thanks Jack, For SO...

Djacque and Class,

What Jack has pointing out is so critical for todays' Lovers of G-d, Christian and Jew, as it was for The Jew of Ezras' day.

Don't get so wrapped up in your doing to G-d, that which you think G-d is asking you to be doing, and ignore The Others which we are really being Called to be doing to and for anyway.

Just today I had a call from a young man who is Called by G-d to Preach The Word. I know this is his Calling. He has demonstrated his ability in just a short time of communication, retreat and council.

But what he really needs is to learn how to slow down. He has only one setback, his youth. He is so willing to preach G-d's word.

There is a Gift that G-d has given this young man, Spiritual incite into this Generations Youth. He has The Call, but need Spiritual Grounding.

The reason I have used this young man is to show you that in all the doing for G-d in life, Others should always come before self, and here I need to give this young man my time in aiding him in his spiritual growth with G-dly council.

Do not forsake those who cry out to you in the hour of their need, not only apply to me but also to every Doer of G-d's Word. We are God's Salt and Light Crew, if we Do The Will Of The Father, YHVH.