Ezra Chapter 10,The Discovery of Zerubbabel Mistake and the Judgement by Ezra

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In this last chapter of Ezra we will see the hidden secret redressed
1-5...The confession to G-d and each other
6-14..An Assembly is called and reformation is agreed upon
15-17.Commissioners are appointed
18-44.The names of the guilty are given

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...One of the Greated Joys...

Thanks for you post Jack,

It is very evident that Righteous Leadership allows G-d the ability to work harder in the lives of The People being lead and with the same desires as The Leadership has acquired from G-d.

When we set our goal in life, as Ezra did with speaking truth and living righteously before G-d and our fellow man/woman, studying daily from G-d's Word(Torah), we will end up doing what G-d allowed Ezra to do.

With out a commitment to be a doer of The Word of G-d(Torah), we will never be able to align ourselves up with the Word of G-d(Torah) as Ezra did. He had studied it so much that it was burned permanently into his brain so that his life was living it(Torah) out daily by what he did.