Ezra Chapter 10,The Discovery of Zerubbabel Mistake and the Judgement by Ezra

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In this last chapter of Ezra we will see the hidden secret redressed
1-5...The confession to G-d and each other
6-14..An Assembly is called and reformation is agreed upon
15-17.Commissioners are appointed
18-44.The names of the guilty are given

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Ezra, Being a Judge of Both Persian and Mosaic Laws

Willem and Class,

I will answer the question, but first I will take a short side view of Jewish Law.

There are 613 Mitzvot(Commandments) with in The Jewish Law. They cover everything from what G-d gave Moses on The Mountain of G-d in Arabia, to Torah. They also cover everything from Signs and Symbols to Dietary Laws. Almost anything a person would do in life is covered within these 613 Mitzvot, and collectively they are the "Law of Moses".

In The Christian Church today we seem to only understands those Laws to be 10 and refer to them as Commandments. The New Testament Church is working under this New Covenant of Grace, but what we fail to understand is why The Laws were given in the first place to Moses and are together found in Torah, The first five Books of the Tanakh. G-d never asked us to stop living according to The Torah even when The New Covenant, B'rit Hadashah, in the Prophetic of Jeremiah, the Circumcision of the Heart. It was introduced by Jesus to his Jewish Disciples during His Teaching Ministry on Earth.

The Laws were given to Moses as a Way for The People to Go in this crooked and perverse World. Sin has always been what brings separation from G-d. Understanding The Law was a Way not to fall for the bate/trap of Satan, which is not too hard to do if you don't know The Laws of G-d. So as Christians, who follow the Root Teaching of Moses and Jesus, The Anointed One of G-d, Yeshua or Yahushua HaMashiach, The Eternal Son of YHVH.

In fact all of the Bible is to be used for Guidance and Light and we should read and understand why "it" was given by G-d to The Jew First. G-d wanted All Peoples to follow His Words. It will happen.

So with the Law, Ezra was to give Judicial Instruction as a Judge of Judah, Benjamin and the remnant of Israel who were gathered in the cold rain in front of The Temple. His job as Judge was to correctly apply The Law(Torah) from The Jewish Bible(Tanakh) so as not to make any mistakes about Adjudication of it. This is why I was using the term: Biblical Correct.

The Law has 365 No Commandments, which corresponding to the number of days in a solar year, and 248 Do Commandments, that ascribed to the number of bones and significant organs in the human body.

One of the most loved Rambams , A Jewish Teacher(Rabbi), Maimonides says The Root Principle #1, all of G-d's Word is to be followed.