Ezra Chapter 10,The Discovery of Zerubbabel Mistake and the Judgement by Ezra

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In this last chapter of Ezra we will see the hidden secret redressed
1-5...The confession to G-d and each other
6-14..An Assembly is called and reformation is agreed upon
15-17.Commissioners are appointed
18-44.The names of the guilty are given

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Ezra 10:11-12, Ezra Directions:Confess And Separate From The Sin

Ezra is now about to give direction to The People of The Covenant of Abraham. Those who had sinned by taking a pagan woman for a wife were given direction to Confess their sin to G-d and then be a doer of G-d's Will for those of The Covenant by separating themselves from the peoples of The Land and their foreign women/wives.

Lets read the next two verses of Ezra 10,

V11 "Now therefore, make confession to the L-RD, G-d of your fathers, and do His will; separate yourselves from the peoples of the land, and from the pagan wives."
V12 Then all the assembly answered and said with a loud voice, "Yes! As you have said, so we must do".

And the People answered Ezra with a "Yes"! And then followed it up with: "As you have said, so we must do!" The last words were very important for The People of G-d, for with this personal confession of agreement together as a body, They were each ascribing to The Commandments and especially one which was the reason for the gathering on this cold wet day.

So what happened on a cold and rainy day in late November, the Hebrew/Babylonian month of Kislev, made a change in the life of those who had returned that were struggling with keeping The Law Pure and Righteous all together. What is said of repentance is the turning from the sin which was pointed out by Ezra and then separating from that sin.

What a hard thing this must have been for those who had followed their own ideas and had taken the foreign women as wives and now were very attached to them in physical union but also their children whom they had fathered with the foreign brides they had taken.

Sometimes sin is very hard to turn from in life. With the temptation G-d always provides a way of escape. But when we become attached to it is very hard to let go of.

The great Patriarch of The Hebrew, Abraham struggled with this same concept, even before Moses was ever born. G-d promised Abraham a son by his wife, but he listened to her ideas and then followed them. This union with an Egyptian slave woman produced Ishmael, but he was not the son of promise. G-d corrected this sin of Abrahan's "stinking thinking" idea of doing it his way, instead of G-d's way.

Abraham and Hagar's son, Ishmael, was given a different promise than that of Abraham and Elisabeth's promised son. Together both sons of Abraham became great Nations. G-d took care of both sons of Abraham. G-d was going to do the same thing all over again that He did with Hagar, many years earlier, and for the same reason.

When we fall for the bate which Satan set the trap with, and proceed unchecked away from The Truth and Righteousness of G-d, we then become spiritually lost.

We are separated from G-d's presence when sin is working in our lives. Sin is rebellion from G-d. We can not receive the spiritual understanding which G-d's Holy Spirit(Ruach HaKodesh) can give us. This direction from G-d is needed to stay the course in Truth and Righteousness. We can not be walking this course without true repentance.

Ezra was "Leading the Way" to repentance, and turning the People back to G-d's Ways by his direction of The People sitting in the cold rain.