Define Christian Mysticism

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If I may interject here. This last week I was on a Group Camp with our local church and the campfire conversation with a few Elders concentrated on CCEL and what is happening here. I tried to explain the resurgence of Christian Mysticism but when pressed could not come up with a good explanation of exactly what it is or how it differs from the western approach to developing a relationship with God.

Could you help me with this lack?

Definition by Teresa of Iowa
group by John Pogen
Mystical approach to God by dohpeterchina
The heart by dohpeterchina
Living on Love by Connie Vass
Living on Love by Connie Vass
Living by Teresa of Iowa
contemplative by John Pogen
contemplative by John Pogen
new book by John Pogen
Mark by l.craddock
aproach to God by John Pogen

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