faith and reason? faith seeking understanding? or faith alone?

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Which is a better framework for trying to understand God's message?

Basically, the three discussable Christian methods seem to be the scholastic / Thomistic way, whose mottoes are "fides quarens intellectum" and "fides et ratio," (faith seeking understanding, faith and reason); a more Protestant/evangelical fideism, whose mottoes are "sola fides" and "sola scriptura" (faith alone, scripture alone), and liberal Protestantism, whose motto is reason alone, giving way to pluralism, etc.

(I realize king james is going to start talking about speaking in tongues, etc.; but that's not really discussable, at least not here, unless he can also type in tongues:) More seriously, whether or not any given person is "being led by the Spirit" isn't something that's really arguable, except by "testing the spirit," which would use one of the epistomologies above)

Which epistemology do you favor, and why? Do you see any weaknesses in your own epistemology? How do you justify what you believe, and how do you justify how you justify?

As sort of a side tangent, admittedly a loaded question, is sola scriptura / sola fides even really possible?

Faith followed by reason by michael_legna

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