What is the different between, The faith befor Christ and the faith after Christ.

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The faith of the world befor Christ. 1. people was communicating to God through prophet.
2. Ignorant was the major encumbrance in the world them,The book of Hosea 4:6. Says. MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROY FOR THE LACK OF KNOWLADGE... Them Jeremiah 3:13. HAPPY IS THE MAN THAT GETTETH WISDOM, AND THE MAN THAT GETTETH UNDERSTANDING.
3. The Urge, impel and the eagerness to see the messiah, who will bring Everlasting Peace to the world (Isaiah.9:6).And redeem the world.......

While the faith After Christ.
1.With pure heart, you can communicate to God through Jesus Christ. ' I AM THE WAY THE TRUT AND THE LIGHT, NO ONE COME TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME.
2. The death of Jesus Christ brought salvation to man, And to redeem man from all sin.
3. The understanding of God is clearly defined through Christ.The problem now is not fully ignorance but doctrine.
Peace be to you all.

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Faith is From G-d


I understand you to be saying that The Law of God is a curse because Galatians uses it in that regards.

I believe what Paul in The Book of Galatians is pointing out in "the context" of Chapter 3, that we can come under the Blessing of Abraham as we are grafted into G-d's Changeless Promise as Gentiles through our faith in The Redemption of G-d's Seed which is Yeshua(Jesus), The Christ.

The Law of Moses was added to serve as a Revealer of Sin to the Hebrew speaking People. The Sons of Aberham and his Seed by Covenant, is pointing to Yeshua(Jesus). It was not for securing Righteousness, but as a temporary measure for pointing out what was really needed in their life. That was justification before G-d. And this was what Yeshua(Jesus) did for us as Gentiles, and as well for The Jews.

The Laws of G-d were penned by G-d's fingers to Moses and is called The Torah. This is called inspiration by The Spirit of G-d. It was given by G-d as Guidance and as a Light to Illuminate The Way. Yes some think it is not as good as The Newer Works of The Jews and The Revelation of G-d's Grace to The World.

Paul uses this Chapter to explain to The Galatians that they are not to go back to The Law of Moses, which would be Bondage(sin) all over again, but they are now under G-d's Grace and son's of G-d. The Law of God was given to help us live with each other in a way that G-d required. Rebellion was the first thing to come about, as The Mitzvot was given by G-d to Moses.

The Law of Moses is not so much a curse as it is a Way to Live Righteously before G-d and our fellow man. It should be referred to as "Doing it G-d's Way"! Paul called it a "Tutor" or Teacher. It's purpose was to reveal sin, which is rebellion, and it did.

So if it is done G-d's way, how would that be a curse to you? Only if you were to go back after knowing The Truth of G-d's Redemption in Yeshua(Jesus) after the completion of His Death Burial and Resurrection.

Before Christ, The Law was a direction towards G-d. If followed it pointed to Yeshua(Jesus).

The only way possible that this would be a curse, is when we are in rebellion from G-d. The Word of G-d says: ...the wages for rebellion(sin) is Spiritual Death. Her is a Quot from The Douay-Rheims Bible, Romans 6:23,

...For the wages of sin is death. But the grace of God, life everlasting, in Christ Jesus our Lord...

G-d's Grace is always the same, Yesterday, Today and Forever.

The Faith of The Jews was always in The L-rd, YHVH. The Law was G-d's Way to live and is Guidance and Light for The World as well!

Redemption is to The Jew and as well to The Christian, is G-d's Love of Provision for His Creation. G-d has never taken His Hands off of His Creation. That Provision was The Lamb of G-d, Yeshua(Jesus), who's Blood was spilled out for our Redemption.

Here what G-d says about "Rebellion" from The Tanakh(Old Testament) response about it. from Isaiah 53:5, The Douay-Rheims Bible,

...But he was wounded for our iniquities, he was bruised for our sins: the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and by his bruises we are healed...

This is The Old Testament pointing to Yeshua(Jesus). This Chapter 53 of Isaiah is pointing to The Redeemer of Israel, The Suffering Servant. It is a description of what will happen to Him as The Lamb of G-d.

This would be the Context of how The Jew who read the Word of G-d and G-d's Holy Spirit would nudge him as he read and would say do you see that? Do you believe it? Trust me. This is how G-d puts Faith in our lives and gives us direction as we read the Word of G-d. It is not any different now than it was then over 2500 years ago.

Not everyone would be able to read so G-d used Prophets like Isaiah to speak The Word of G-d to The People as he walked through the Country of Israel, Judah and beyond.

So Faith that is in G-d is what we are talking about and it is from G-d to start with.

We have no faith of our own when we look at our self. The Word of G-d says that the heart of man is a rebel. So how do you think G-d could open up the heart of a rebel? By applying a small portion of Faith so he/she will see and hear Spiritually.

G-d has been doing this for all times, so it is not new and it is not from us. Faith is from G-d and it is key to our understanding of G-d's Ways.

What Paul was pointing out is after G-d has applied faith to our lives then is it not vain to think we should go back to our earlier training in Torah(The Teacher) and forget Yeshua(Jesus) and Redemption of G-d.

But Faith is the same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, just as it was with Abraham, because it is from G-d.