What is the different between, The faith befor Christ and the faith after Christ.

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The faith of the world befor Christ. 1. people was communicating to God through prophet.
2. Ignorant was the major encumbrance in the world them,The book of Hosea 4:6. Says. MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROY FOR THE LACK OF KNOWLADGE... Them Jeremiah 3:13. HAPPY IS THE MAN THAT GETTETH WISDOM, AND THE MAN THAT GETTETH UNDERSTANDING.
3. The Urge, impel and the eagerness to see the messiah, who will bring Everlasting Peace to the world (Isaiah.9:6).And redeem the world.......

While the faith After Christ.
1.With pure heart, you can communicate to God through Jesus Christ. ' I AM THE WAY THE TRUT AND THE LIGHT, NO ONE COME TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME.
2. The death of Jesus Christ brought salvation to man, And to redeem man from all sin.
3. The understanding of God is clearly defined through Christ.The problem now is not fully ignorance but doctrine.
Peace be to you all.

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Repentance and Confession Brings True Joy of The L-rd

Harry and Dedesmond,

I really like your use of Nehemiah 8, Harry.

Most Christians never really take time to read The Older Jewish Scriptures. If they do and with understanding they soon recognize that G-d is at work in the same Exact way as of today bring conviction and repentance of sin.

The Spirit of G-d was at work in the lives of The People of Judah in Ezra's Second Temple time period. The Holy Spirit still worked in the hearts of man/women, bring conviction of sin, drawing them close to Him and causes us to lift up our hands in Holy Worship of G-d.

The heart of man/women is always where G-d starts to revel Himself first. The Holy Spirit gives to each one He is Calling enough faith to open up our Spiritual Eyes and point in the direction that we are to go. We can either push forward with G-d or fall back and away from G-d.

So Yes to your Quest Dedesmond, and bravo' to you Harry for pointing out Truth from Nehemiah 8.

But there is yet more to know about the Joy that filled the People of Judah as they gathered "As One Man" and Ezra read The Torah Scroll. This opened their Spiritual Eyes and Ears with the hearing of The Word of G-d. Now knowing their sins and understanding the Spiritual separation from G-d that their lives were in, they turned back to G-d. They each signed a Covenant that day with an oath of doing it G-d's Way. With Repentance and Confession of sin by The People, brought Spiritual Joy into their lives and it was seen in the people that G-d's Redemption was theirs. from Nehemiah 8:10.

So you can see that G-d was at Work, maintaining His Creation, as He is still doing the same thing today.

Today however, G-d does live within His Creation, Whom He has Redeemed and Called into His Service.

G-d actually made His plan to dwell in Holy Temples which He Formed and Made Complete within our mothers womb even before The Dawn of Creation.

With completed plans for this accomplishment provided for, G-d's Holy Offering of His Perfect Lamb, Yeshua(Jesus), was slain. The Offering was made for The Redemption of sin, for All of G-d's Creation, both man/woman and from Adam to the last borne of our race.

G-d has provided The Holy Offering of His Perfect Lamb.

On The Day of Pentecost, G-d opened Heavens Gate! Fire came down and G-d's Glory was seen by All The People of Judah, and The World. G-d opened the Flood Gate(doorway) of Heaven that Pentecost Day and reveled His Holy Spirit to them. Their was a very strong rushing wind. Fire from G-d came down on the upper room where The Followers of Yeshua(Jesus) were gathered.

The Shekinah Glory of God's presence was visibly seen by all. This is referred to in Scripture as fiery tongues on each one gathered. from Acts 2:1-4.

Yes, "ignorance was the major encumbrance in The World then", as it is still today. We even have the Internet! So what makes us any different on the outside?

It is still the same Calling that G-d does to each of us individually by name.

The point I want to show is; We today can be more effective in doing G-d's Work of Love with Him residing within us. It is G-d that we have residing within us. We are His Holy Temple. G-d directs us daily in our Spiritual Walk.

Yes, Doctrine is important, but what about G-d's Love and The Holy Spirit? G-d is working within The Believer. G-d is bearing witness to our spirit of all things.

How can we live without G-d being our Guidance and Light?

This goes back to the same thing that G-d was having an issue over The Jews with in Jeremiah's time, and Yeshua(Jesus) had with The Jewish Leadership in His time.

It all comes down to The Word of G-d and The Holy Spirit bearing witness to The Truth of God within the covers, so we can live in G-d's Truth, Righteousness and Holiness.

Doctrine should come from The Word of G-d and be directed by The Holy Spirit for us. Doctrine should never interpret G-d's Word. The Holy Spirits will Bearing witness to each other which will be in Spirit and in Truth.