What is the different between, The faith befor Christ and the faith after Christ.

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The faith of the world befor Christ. 1. people was communicating to God through prophet.
2. Ignorant was the major encumbrance in the world them,The book of Hosea 4:6. Says. MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROY FOR THE LACK OF KNOWLADGE... Them Jeremiah 3:13. HAPPY IS THE MAN THAT GETTETH WISDOM, AND THE MAN THAT GETTETH UNDERSTANDING.
3. The Urge, impel and the eagerness to see the messiah, who will bring Everlasting Peace to the world (Isaiah.9:6).And redeem the world.......

While the faith After Christ.
1.With pure heart, you can communicate to God through Jesus Christ. ' I AM THE WAY THE TRUT AND THE LIGHT, NO ONE COME TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME.
2. The death of Jesus Christ brought salvation to man, And to redeem man from all sin.
3. The understanding of God is clearly defined through Christ.The problem now is not fully ignorance but doctrine.
Peace be to you all.

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to: Noshic / What do you think of the

I believe people have "cherry picked" verses to suit there own needs for ages! This goes for every topic imaginable. I've used, (yes, I have to confess), the one about children honoring their parents, etc., because I thought if my kids heard it from God - it would make a bigger impact.) How many others of us are also guilty of this kind of thing?

I also, believe that prosperity is NOT necessarily all monetary. We can prosper in our faith, our friends, our families, our spiritual gifts, our church, our ministry our spiritual growth, our relationship with the Lord, etc. This is all prosperity!

Prosperity should not be "sought" out by believers - it is a gift from the Lord as He watches us bloom in the ministries where He has planted us, but that is secondary - serving Him is first. As a dying race, we were given salvation which we did not deserve, so if we even receive anything beyond salvation - it is a blessing from the Lord's heart to us, (despite what the preachers say).

Jesus, who we know was the Son of God, had no where to lay His head, and yet we complain about them running out of our favorite latte at Starbucks.

I've often thought. . what if half the world was prosperous beyond belief? Who is then going to step 'down' off the prosperity ladder to minister to those who live in squalor and need? Surely not the prosperous, because they're too caught up in being prosperous! I believe God allows us to be in different income brackets to reach those within the same financial circumstances to complete his work.

Who can reach the homeless? Who can reach the factory worker? If we were all rich, we wouldn't give a rip about those less fortunate than ourselves would we? We've got to remember that it's about fulfilling HIS plan, not Him fulfilling ours.

To seek God for what He can give and bestow upon us is a sin! We have it all backwards! We were created to give Him pleasure, honor and glory, but somehow we have made Him our genie instead, and when He doesn't give us what we want - we pout and cry that God isn't hearing our prayers!

We start hating God for not endulging us instead of saying, "God I don't know why you've got me in this situation, but I trust that you will take me to the other side". We are to worship Him, not Him worship us! Yikes!

Get out the OT, and start reading about Joseph, if you want to see someone who endured Hell! We often think of Job as the one who suffered the most, but read about Joseph - it's a real faith-booster! From the pit to the palace and a load of humility to boot! Love that guy!

Your senses about the prosperity gospel are correct - we were created to worship and serve the living God, not created to sit down here, and wait for manna from heaven to fall in our laps. We are continually told that He loves us no matter what, but how long can He look at unconfessed sin before it stirs Him to anger - we are not God, He is!

thanks for listening, nancy