What is the different between, The faith befor Christ and the faith after Christ.

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The faith of the world befor Christ. 1. people was communicating to God through prophet.
2. Ignorant was the major encumbrance in the world them,The book of Hosea 4:6. Says. MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROY FOR THE LACK OF KNOWLADGE... Them Jeremiah 3:13. HAPPY IS THE MAN THAT GETTETH WISDOM, AND THE MAN THAT GETTETH UNDERSTANDING.
3. The Urge, impel and the eagerness to see the messiah, who will bring Everlasting Peace to the world (Isaiah.9:6).And redeem the world.......

While the faith After Christ.
1.With pure heart, you can communicate to God through Jesus Christ. ' I AM THE WAY THE TRUT AND THE LIGHT, NO ONE COME TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME.
2. The death of Jesus Christ brought salvation to man, And to redeem man from all sin.
3. The understanding of God is clearly defined through Christ.The problem now is not fully ignorance but doctrine.
Peace be to you all.

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OT Faith v NT Faith

What's the difference? First the similarities:
1. It was the same quality of faith - both the OT saints and those of the NT have faith that saves them from sin - check out the great chapter on faith in Hebrews 11.
2. It had the same focus - it was faith in God even as ours is. Paul reminds us that the OT saints were saved, not by works but by faith (even as he tells us we are).
3. It had the same result - they as are we were saved from sin and made sons of God.

But there are differences -
1. They saw Christ's coming afar off and longed to know how and when he would appear. We know he has walked the earth and what manner of man he was.
2. They hoped in him for their redemption as symbolized in the daily sacrifices made for sin. We know he lived a perfect life which he gave on behalf of all who believe - OT and NT. The sacrifice for sin has been made.
3. They looked for a city whose maker and builder is God ... and they accepted this on the word of the prophets and the Law. We look for the same city on the same basis but we also have the assurance it will come because Jesus was raised from the dead and ascended into heaven.
Summing up: What they saw as a shadow in the future we see in the light but, in his wisdom, God ordained that what we long for - the fulfillment of the Age - will not occur until all his children have been gathered in. So, though there are differences between OT saints and those of us in the latter days all his children will rejoice one day when he returns on the clouds and God will be all and in all.